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Airparks are a nationwide airport parking provider who serve their customers with courtesy and respect, ensuring your visit to Airparks is as easy and reassuring as possible. The Airparks transfers run regularly from our Airparks parking sites, getting you and your luggage to the airport quickly and efficiently. This has now been coupled with unrivalled self-service provisions, to help ensure a quick and efficient service to their valued customers.

As a long standing and valued customer, Airparks have commissioned Future Generation to design, manufacture, supply and maintain a variety of self-service solutions for use in their off-site parking facilities throughout the UK. It all began in Cardiff, where the new self-service shelter had to be constructed, while at our manufacturing facility in Kent, the work began in producing our first robotic kiosk, the i-Touch Totem 2 XL to be used as an automatic key dispenser for returning clients

Once both the shelter and key dispenser were completed, installation was planned and performed outside of normal business hours, to ensure minimum disruption for clients. With all of the units installed and tested, all that remained was the fitting of the custom vinyl livery, to assist users with operation, and then the unveiling could take place and the first Airparks self-service shelter was in service.

Seeing the benefits that the self-service shelter was providing for its customers in Cardiff, Airparks then asked us to assist them with the second phase of their project, to build a similar solution for their busier facility in Luton.
This would require a different key dispenser, to allow for a higher throughput of customers, and the i-Touch Totem 2 DXL was developed to allow two users to collect their keys, using either side of the unit. Luton also requires a number of payment kiosks (i-Touch Totem 2 Tall) as well as a Key Drop Box (i-Touch Totem 2 Wide) , which also allows staff to view facility information pages, to assist in providing the best quality of service for their clients.

We have also supplied a number of 42 inch Panel PC based display screens, which have been installed to display useful information to visitors while awaiting the arrival of the next transfer to the airport.


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