Kiosk Products

Desktop Kiosks

Glass Desk Top Kiosk with 17 1.6 GHz Atom Panel PC

i-Touch Phoenix

An Elegant Slim-Line Metal floor standing kiosk with 15'' or 17" Displays

Touch Table Glass 42"

Metal and Glass based, large screen table kiosk


Kiosk designed to be used a car finder in parking lots

High Capacity Lockers

Locker used to store and collect keys. Equipped with retractable mechanic for drawers to prevent them from staying open.

Mail Collection Drawer

A Storage locker designed to store difference size of mail or parcels.

Drawer Lockers

Our new locker provides charging capabilities to devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Phoenix Mini Kiosk

A versatile compact Kiosk capable of taking in card payments, scan cards and prints receipts.

Charging Cabinet

A Compact Charging Cabinet for Handheld Scanners.

EV Charger

Our EV Charger allows you to charge your electric vehicle.


A lightweight kiosk with a placeholder for a tablet and scanner.

Check-In Kiosk

Slim-Line low level Metal Floor Standing/Wall Mount kiosk with 21.5'' 1.86 GHz Atom/I3/I5 Panel PC

Airport Check-In Kiosk

Slim-Line low level Metal Floor Standing/Wall Mount kiosk with 21.5'' 1.86 GHz Atom/I3/I5 Panel PC

Mobile Check-In Kiosks

Portable kiosk for quick and easy deployment when required. Suitable for many environments

Retail Wall Kiosk

The Retail Wall Kiosk with 21" and 42" Screens is an interactive kiosk for the purchasing of tickets.

Device Charging System

Phone, Tablet and Laptop asset management and charging systems

Sales Lectern 215

21.5" Large screen, portrait or landscape Lectern kiosk. (Also available in a range of sizes from 15'' to 42')

Automated Storage Systems

Electronic asset management and storage systems. Perfect for applications such as In-Store Click-and-Collect.

Collection Lockers (Ext)

These durable external collection lockers, with hot and cold storage options, are ideal for 'Click & Collect' applications

Signage Kiosks

Large screen, interactive floor standing signage, or interactive display.

i-Touch Phoenix Library

An Elegant Slim-Line Metal floor standing kiosk with 15'' or 17" Displays

Pharmacy Collection

Flexible modular automated storage systems, ideal for in-store self service collections.

Key Locker Modules

V32 MK lll 800 Locker Module and V32 MK lll 500 Locker Controller is a modern and attractive kiosk providing excellent and convenient service.

Tilting Lectern Kiosks 32

This attractive, multi-use kiosk allows you to set the screen in either portrait or landscape orientation. It is available with or without touch, in a variety of sizes ranging from 15'' up to 42''.

Vehicle Check-In Kiosks

Slim-Line Metal Floor standing kiosk with 17'' 1.6 GHz Atom Panel PC

Ticketing Kiosks

Slim-Line Metal Floor Standing/Wall Mount kiosk with 17'' 1.6 GHz Atom Panel PC

Wall Mounted Kiosks

The i-Touch V16 MKII provides an updated, more modern feel to this classic wall mountable kiosk

Card Dispensing Kiosks

V32 MK III Card Dispenser is an attractive gift card and voucher dispenser.

Payment Kiosks

Slim-Line Metal and Glass Floor Standing/Desk/Wall Mount kiosk with 15'' 1.6 GHz Atom Panel PC

Event Access Control

Slim-Line Glass Floor standing kiosk with 15'' 1.6GHz Atom Panel PC

Loyalty Kiosks

New for 2010 is the new flexible, 1.6m floor standing i-Touch Totem

Vehicle Access Kiosk

The Vehicle Access Kiosk is a highly efficient car park entry and exit system for large transport vehicles.

Ordering Kiosks

1.25m tall (plus plastics) floor standing i-Touch Totem

Glass Touch Table

i-Touch Table Glass 55 is a dynamic interactive table.

Industrial Touch Tables

The i-Touch Table for use in industry

Automated Dispensers

i-Touch Totem 2 DXL Key Dispenser. Our second Robotic Kiosk, with 4 usable sides, which adds exciting extended functionality to our range

i-Touch Micro_II

Our Smallest Kiosk Yet! The I-Touch Micro has a 7'' screen and 1.1GHz Atom PC, making it ideal for simple applications.

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